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Sotfware Frequently Ask Questions


Q1. Why the PC does not have communication with the controller even though I have setup the system step by step based on the manual given?

Q2. I have a push button installed at my site, however, the door cannot be released from the PC.

Q3. I installed a new card to the system, however, it seems like the newly installed card cannot be used or is not stored in the controller. Has anything gone wrong?

Q4.. I have shut down my PC for some times due to certain reasons. When I turn on my PC again, some of the transactions are missing, why?

Q5. I wonder why the operation of my controller is not following the Time Zone Setting,which I set previously?

Q6. I have received some funny/corrupted transactions from the controller, what should I do?

Q7. I have installed the whole system as guided, yet, why the door is always unlocked?

Q8. Sometimes, I found that the time on the controller is different from the time on the PC. why is this happening?



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