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Sierra Technology - Hardware FAQ



Trouble Shooting ST8000


Communications related problems

ST8kCase1. Communications down - entire network or one bus.

ST8kCase2. Communications down or not stable - one or several readers on the network.


ST8000 PCU related problems

ST8kCase3. Lock fails to release or is not powered up.

ST8kCase4. Push button not working.

ST8kCase5. Door sensor not working - the Proxststaion is continuously beeping indicating that the door is open.

ST8kCase6. Alarm input not working - the Proxststaion is not responding when the alarm zone is tripped or triggered.

ST8kCase7. Alarm does not trigger even though alarm has been tripped in the ST8000 application.

ST8kCase8. 'Time out' LED consistently on and 'load' LED is off - Proxstation not running.

ST8kCase9. 'Time out' LED consistently on and 'load' LED is off - Proxstation is running.

ST8kCase10. No back up battery output.

ST8kCase11. No DC output from the 'Dc out' terminals.

ST8kCase12. The ST8000 PCU does not power up.

ST8kCase13. PCU output is less than 12 volts DC

ST8kCase14. PCU output is more than 14 volts DC


ST8000 Proxstation related problems

ST8kCase15. The ST8000 Proxstation does not power up.

ST8kCase16. The Proxstation powers up but there is no display.

ST8kCase17. The proxstation powers up but does not run - 'time out' LED on and 'load' LED is off

ST8kCase18. Transmit LED does not blink but receive LED blinks.

ST8kCase19. Transmit and receive LED's do not blink or either one not working but ST8000 application detects the Proxstation

ST8kCase20. Buzzer does not work or sound level inconsistent.

ST8kCase21. Some address settings cannot be used or detected by the ST8000 application.

ST8kCase22. After a complete download of data, valid cards still do not work - no data retention.

ST8kCase23. Tamper switch does not work.

ST8kCase24. Cards cannot be read.


ST -PR100 Related problems

ST8kCase25. Card cannot be read by the ST-PR100

ST8kCase26. Buzzer does not work or sound level inconsistent.


PCI Related problems (ver.1 and ver.3).s

ST8kCase27. PCI does not power up (ver.1 and ver.3).

ST8kCase28. 'DTR' LED does not turn on (ver.3).

ST8kCase29. LED's, 'Tx' and 'Rx' do not work or only the 'Tx' is working (ver.3).

ST8kCase30. No communications detected (ver.1)


Lightning/Surge protection card problems

ST8kCase31. No communications and power supply when lightning/surge card is inserted into the communications bus.



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