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    Product Info

    The EPR8x-C Series is the latest innovative product release from Sierra Technology. The EPR8x-C is a high performance 125 KHz RFID EM-Marin RFID proximity card reader for access control applications. Itís sleek, modern and contoured design makes it one of the slimmest readers in its class.
    A variety of industrial de facto interface standards such as Wiegand (W26 to W44) are supported for compatibility with most popular card access controllers in the market today.

    Technical Specifications

    Processor Microchip PIC microcontroller
    Reading Range Up to 100 mm
    RFID Frequency 125Khz
    Proximity Standard Em-Marin, EM 4095
    Input voltage 12 VDC
    Current Drawn 80mA @ 12V
    Operating Temp 0 to 50 degree celcius
    LED indicator Tri colours (Red, Green, Amber)
    Colours Available Beige or Black
    Output Formats * Wiegand (26 ~ 44 bits)
    Finishing Weatherproof, Epoxy potting
    Dimensions (mm) 100H X 60W X 12D

    Output Formats Colours Available
      Beige Black
    Wiegand 44 bit interface : EPR80-C PR80-W44BG PR80-W44BK
    Wiegand 26 bit interface : EPR81-C PR80-W26BG PR80-W26BK
    Wiegand 36 bit interface : EPR82-C PR80-W36BG PR80-W36BK


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