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<% if Request("index") = "Q1" then%> Q1. Why the PC does not have communication with the controller even though I have setup the system step by step based on the manual given?

Possible Cause:
1. I t may be caused by connection failure
2. Inaccurate Comm Port settings
3. Inaccurate controller Settings
4. Controller maybe down

1. Check the connection to Comm port. Check the connection and wiring from monitoring PC to PC interface to the controller.
2. Make sure that the controller is installed in the Controller setting.
3. Check to see whether the controller LED is blinking. <% elseif Request("index") = "Q2" then%> Q2. I have a push button installed at my site, however, the door cannot be released from the PC.

Possible Cause:
There is a high percentage that the Push button is not enabled at Controller.

1. To solve this problem, go to Database > Contoller
2. Choose the controller of that particular door and click Edit.
3. Click on Door Setup and check the time zone for the Push Button Enabled TZ <% elseif Request("index") = "Q3" then%> Q3. I installed a new card to the system, however, it seems like the newly installed card cannot be used or is not stored in the controller. Has anything gone wrong?

Possible Cause:
1. Database at controller could be full.
2. Might not have access to the controller

1. If the controller is full, a larger database will be needed.
2. Go to Database > Access Level, Click the Time Zone set for the user.
3. To make sure the controllers have received all the card information, go to Utilities > verify card. Select a controller and click Rebuild List button. If there are cards listed in the Card Database Exceptions, click the Correct It button. The system will update the card holder database to the controller Updating the controller can also be done from Operation > Reset Controller. Select the controller(s) that needs updating. Select Intialise Card Database, then click OK button <% elseif Request("index") = "Q4" then%> Q4. I have shut down my PC for some times due to certain reasons. When I turn on my PC again, some of the transactions are missing, why?

Possible Cause:
The transaction storage in the controller is possibly full. Any old transactions will be overwritten by newer ones

It is advisable that the host PC be always on, to collect data from controllers. This will ensure the controller's transaction has been transferred to the host PC. <% elseif Request("index") = "Q5" then%> Q5. I wonder why the operation of my controller is not following the Time Zone Setting,which I set previously?

Possible Cause:
The Time Zone Setting is improperly set.

1. Double check the Time Zone Setting under Database to see whether it is set properly.
2. Check the Holiday setting. If today is set as holiday, then the holiday time zone will be used instead. <% elseif Request("index") = "Q6" then%> Q6. I have received some funny/corrupted transactions from the controller, what should I do?

Possible Cause:
1. Memory of controller is not cleared when the controller is installed. 2. Backup battery on the controller may be weak

1. Go to Database > Reset Controller.Choose the Controller from Controller Source List and place it in Controller Destination list.Choose Clear Memory from the list box below and click OK.
2. Go back to Reset Controller and choose back the same controller(s). Choose Initialise Controller and click OK to load back the settings to the controller.
Note: (From the time you clear the memory to reinitialising it, no card holder will be able to access the controller.)
3. Make sure that the controller is powered up to a 15v power source. The battery is rechargeable, if there is a powersource, the battery will be able to recharge itself. <% elseif Request("index") = "Q7" then%> Q7. I have installed the whole system as guided, yet, why the door is always unlocked?

Possible Cause:
1. You may have set the Auto Lock Release settings to (99) 24hrs TZ
2. You have set the system to Security off.

1. Go to Database > Reset Controller. Choose the particular controller and click Edit. Look under Door Setup and make sure your time zone setting for Auto Lock Release TZ is set correctly.
2. If the security is off, go to Operation, and click on Security On. <% elseif Request("index") = "Q8" then%> Q8. Sometimes, I found that the time on the controller is different from the time on the PC. why is this happening?

Possible Cause:
The contoller may not be initialized with PC's time.

1. Resynchronize the controller's time from Operation > Reset Controller. Select actions Synchronize Time and click OK.
2. Go to Database > Parameters. Press Edit and choose Yes for Auto Time Synchronization. <% end if %>



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